Marko Mäkelä wrote:
You can shut down while playback, you just have to confirm it. And if you don't confirm it, VDR will shut down 5 minutes after the playback ends.

Sure, if the playback ends.  It won't end with my patched softdevice
that stops the playback of recordings when Shutdown.IsUserInactive()
returns true.

I do understand this right: If your softdevice detects IsUserInactive, then it sends a 'stop playback' to VDR? Weired...

I guess the most natural behavior would be to pretend that you're playing back normally, eg. make softdevice eat the incoming data stream at normal speed without decoding it.

Then, VDR wouldn't shut down unexpectedly while playing back
a recording even if the inactivity timeout kicks in.  But VDR wouldn't
ask for confirmation when pressing the Power key.  Thus, no new
configuration option would be necessary.

More easy, just drop the playback check completely. A running playback means that the !Interact check in vdr.c will prevent any housekeeping and thus automatic shutdown.

But again, that way you cannot get VDR into inactive mode manually while playback.



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