Marko Mäkelä wrote:
Well, that would still break this scenario: You're watching a recording
while it is being recorded.  Then you get interrupted and push the Power
button.  Before the timed recording finishes and VDR gets a chance to
shut down, you get back and push a button to switch to interactive state.
You will be surprised to see that the playback doesn't resume from the
same position.

Actually I wouldn't. Its the POWER key, not the PAUSE key. If I do that with my old VCR (means, switch off the TV instead of pausing the VCR) the same thing would happen.

But again, that way you cannot get VDR into inactive mode manually while playback.

Is that feature necessary?  If you believe so, maybe you could introduce
a configuration option for enabling it?  The default behaviour would be
to obey the Power button immediately.  The option could be named
something like "Shutdown during playback must be confirmed".

Its mainly because the 'old' code did not shut down while playback, at least since 1.3.25. (No longer stopping Transfer Mode or replay immediately when the Power button is pressed (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg))
Before, I think, the power button stopped playback and did shut down.

I don't want to add yet another config option, either we let the power button work directly while playback, or we ask for confirmation on playback. Whatever the majority wants.



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