Why is the user input so slow? When I press a key in remote, there seems
to be a random delay of 0-0.5sec or so.. Sometimes it's fast, sometimes
not. It's fine in channel switching but really annoying when you a trying
to input filenames or something.

I have been using VDR for two years and the problem has always been there.

However I just made another VDR box, that doesn't have any DVB cards. It
just streams data from the bigger box, with streamdev. Remote control is
really fast and snappy here, no lag at all! So is it the DVB handling that
slows vdr down? Perhaps some priority issue that could be adjusted?

Both boxes use dxr3-plugin as output device, and pretty much identical
software setup (copied over from box1 to box2)..

VDR version is 1.4.5.

Teemu Suikki

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