> Why not simply document this fact in the installation guide:
> "The plugin must have write access to /dev/console."
> This is similar to the dvd or vcd plugin which need read/write access to
> /dev/dvd resp. /dev/cdrom.

Hmm - this sounds like a good idea ...

> On my machine, I added the vdr user to the cdrom group. For
> /dev/console, this might be a bit trickier: I would have to add vdr to
> group tty AND give /dev/console rw-permissions for the group, but that
> should suffice.
> I don't know much about linux capabilities, but my feeling is, that they
> are meant for things not represented by devices (which use the simpler
> file-permissions model).

On my system /dev/console has r/w access for anyone but this is not
sufficient. I take a look into the kernel sources and there a two ways
to get the right to modify terminals with ioctl():

- the modified terminal is the controlling terminal for the process or
- the user has the capability to modify terminal settings

What can we do now?


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