Hi list,

I've updated the runvdr extreme script to version 0.2.

runvdr extreme is a runvdr script, just like the runvdr script included in the VDR distribution. Additionally, it supports configuration files, lots of command line options and more features.

-> http://www.udo-richter.de/vdr/scripts.en.html#runvdr-extreme

Fix: Several small fixes previously released as 0.1.1
New: Pass DVBLOAD and DVBUNLOAD to eval, this allows to add more than
  one line to these entries, or even complete small scripts.
New: Load ~/.runvdr.conf as default, load /etc/runvdr.conf as fallback
  If you're not running as root, you can now redirect all file paths to
  your home directory.
New: INCLUDE directive to load other config file
  For example, load a global config from the user config.
New: -P "-plugin" drops plugin from plugin load list. Same for -D
  This allows to drop just one plugin but keep all the others.
Change: LANGUAGE now sets LC_ALL, not LANG.
  LC_ALL has highest precedence.



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