I have a server with an ISDN card and I set it up, so it will send a message via svdrpsend.pl to my VDR Box, when there is an incoming phone call. (http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Svdrp-isdnanruf)

I am running VDR 1.4.5 on my VDR box. The only thing that is bugging me a bit, is the fact, that my VDR is not responding to any LIRC input as long as the message is being displayed. So it depends on the right timing to pause a running replay. Since the message is repeated every 4 seconds I have to hit the pause key on the remote at the right moment(when there is no message being displayed) to make the replay pause.

Can anyone tell me on how to change this behavior?
Any other suggestion on how to display the phone number if the ISDN card is not built into the VDR system itself would be appreciated as well.

Sounds strange. But apart from that maybe osdserver-plugin might be the better option to display messages as it doesn't seem to rely on svdrp ? Haven't tried that yet, but seems to be very interesting plugin.

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