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Pasi Juppo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have couple of video clips that fail to work properly via VDR. First
> ones playback is very jerky (23.976fps) via VDR but no problem played
> back on PC.

When playing back 24 fps video on an FF-card or any other PAL TV-output
device, jerkiness is quite expected. You need to speed up the playback
by a factor of 25/24~=1.0417, which can be done with the -speed option
in MPlayer. Audio pitch will rise slightly, so if that bothers you, use
an external LADSPA filter to compensate
(see: http://mark.santaniello.net/archives/260).

The NTSC/PAL speed setting should be handled automatically in the
mplayer.sh script, but have you configured NTSC="false" in

> Second one does not play sound from the clip but the sound from the
> channel that was being viewed before playback.

MPlayer probably has problems with the audio codec used in the clip.
Updating to latest SVN could help. If not, try other players and
identify the audio codec. If the codec should be supported, take a look
at the mplayer -v output and perhaps upload a sample somewhere.

> I've tried mplayer.sh 0.8.6 and 0.8.7. mplayer itself is version 1.0rc1.
> Haven't tried trunk version because there did not seem to be fixes
> related to audio or jerkiness.

Did you actually read through the SVN logs from the last 4 months?
Quite an accomplishment. ;) Anyway, most of the codec-related stuff is
in FFmpeg/libavcodec, which is in a separate repository.

> Anyone else with similar problems?
> Also, there seems to be DVD support in trunk version of the mplayer. Any
> idea whether mplayer plugin will support DVD in the near future?

Have you tried the current support in mplayer.sh?


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