I'm posting this now on this list, because got no reaction from dvb-list.

I noticed a weird problem with last weeks Mythbusters episode VDR recording.
The playback suddenly speeded up like fastforward and it is repeatable. I've
seen this once earlier also, but thought that it was caused by bad
reception, but this time the were no visible errors on the recording.

Here's the clip (22MB): http://kotisivu.suomi.net/izero/mythbusters.tar

Tested with VDR 1.4.5 and firmware versions 261a, 261f, 2622 and F12623
testversion (normally in use). Not repeatable when played with VLC on OS X.

My Setup:
P3 700MHz
256 MB RAM
Technotrend DVB-C FF 2.1 + CICAM with Conax
Technotrend DVB-C FF 2.1
Fedora Core 5 2.6.16-1.2157_FC5 kernel
VDR 1.4.5,+streamdev,ttxtsubs,subtitles,tvonscreen,text2skin,


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