On Fri, Feb 23, 2007 at 12:12:18AM +0200, Tero Siironen wrote:
> I'm posting this now on this list, because got no reaction from dvb-list.
> I noticed a weird problem with last weeks Mythbusters episode VDR recording.
> The playback suddenly speeded up like fastforward and it is repeatable. I've
> seen this once earlier also, but thought that it was caused by bad
> reception, but this time the were no visible errors on the recording.
> Here's the clip (22MB): http://kotisivu.suomi.net/izero/mythbusters.tar
> Tested with VDR 1.4.5 and firmware versions 261a, 261f, 2622 and F12623
> testversion (normally in use). Not repeatable when played with VLC on OS X.

Does play perfect with my current working version of the firmware,
please be patient ...

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