Andreas Breitenbach wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am using vdr-1.4.5. If I have started a recording without VPS it does 
> automatically resume the recording, if VDR has been restarted (either 
> manually or caused by a reset). 
> This is not working for a VPS recording.

I just tried that and it did resume the VPS recording just fine
after restarting VDR.

Maybe there are specific conditions under which this doesn't work?

> I could imagin that in that case the recording is fully controlled by the VPS 
> signal. IMHO there should be some vanity check for the recording with VPS to 
> avoid nonsens, e.g the recording should stop after, let say, 8 hours, even if 
> no VPS stop signal has been received.
> I used to have a recording with 1380 minutes, I guess the stop signal was 
> never detected.  This kind of check should be used for the resume after a 
> restart as well.

Having a sanity check for the absolute maximum of a VPS controlled recording
might be a good idea. However, I guess this will have to be yet another
setup parameter. And it should control the maximum overtime, so that it
doesn't matter how long the original scheduled time is. After all, somebody
might want to record a show that runs for more than 8 hours...

I'll see what I can do in version 1.5.


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