here is a new release of the GraphLCD base package and plugin for VDR. It fixes bugs and compile errors some people experienced.

You can download the packages from the berlios project's file page:

Changes since 0.1.4:
graphlcd-base changes:
- added missing include path definition (thanks to Wolfgang Astleitner)
- replaced unsigned long long with uint64_t
- added missing includes
- increased VER_MAJOR for glcdgraphics library as interface changed in an incompatible way (thanks to Tobias Grimm) - framebuffer driver: Changed type of fbp (framebuffer pointer) to void*. Compare fbp against MAP_FAILED to test for success of mmap. This should fix a x86_64 compile error. - ks0108 driver: Clear data lines after display refresh to fix problems with display contrast that occur under some conditions.

vdr-graphlcd changes:
- added some missing includes
- do LCD initialisation in display thread instead of during plugin initialisation to fix some issues with direct port accesses (thanks to TomJoad from vdr-portal.de)

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