Frank Schmirler wrote:
this patch allows plugins to replace the VDR mainmenus "Schedule", "Channels",
"Timers" and "Recordings" by a different implementation.

There are already a few plugins around which do something like that, using
their own idea of a patch. So Tobias Grimm, Martin Prochnow, Christian
Wieninger and me made an effort to find a common solution for the problem. The
patch is based on a suggestion of Christian Wieninger back in March 2006
( It is meant to
be an interim solution for VDR 1.4 until (maybe) VDR 1.5 introduces an
official API for this purpose.

After taking a short look at the patch, I think that this could be done in a more elegant way.

+    case osSchedule:
+        if 
+            menu = new cMenuSchedule;
+        else
+            state = osContinue;
+        break;

The service functions are meant to be a solution for plugin-to-plugin communication, since in that case there's no access to the other's symbol space. In this case however, the VDR headers can easily be extended, so there's enough room to do a normal interface.

For the menu hooks, I would suggest to implement a common base class, that a plugin must derive a copy of, to register a new handler. Basically, the same way it already works for cStatus, or other things like devices and skins.

Basically, I think its worth considering such an interface to allow to replace standard dialogs. However, the user should always have the choice whether he wants to keep the originals or use the replacements.



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