Simon Baxter wrote:
> Hi y'all.
> My media box has 6 channel output LF,RF,LR,RR,C,SW which I'm using with
> ALSA.  Mplayer plays through all channels fine (settings in
> ~/.mplayer/config), but VDR sourced audio only plays in stereo from the
> LR,RF output.
> Given that there is no way to play 'real' surround sound from pvrinput
> sourced audio, what is the easiest way to 'copy' the audio to the other
> channels, so I at least get sound out all the speakers?
> Hmm, perhaps this is a setting in xine...?

The easiest way is to set a mixer option, provided that your card has
one. Check with alsamixer for a mixer switch named "Duplicate Front",
"Surround", or similar.

If there is no such option, I believe this can somehow be achieved with
alsa config files as well.

Anssi Hannula

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