I was trying to apply the latest xine patches (that come with xine-0.7.10) to
cvs of xine-lib and I have hit a problem.  The patch is looking for this
line to replace:

-dsputil_mmx.o dsputil_mmx.lo: CFLAGS=`echo @CFLAGS@ | sed -e
's/-funroll-loops//g; s/-O[0-9]/-Os/g'`
+dsputil_mmx.o dsputil_mmx.lo: CFLAGS=$(shell echo @CFLAGS@ | sed -e
's/-funroll-loops//g; s/-O([0-9]|s|$)/-Os /g')

But, now the original line looks like this:

dsputil_mmx.o dsputil_mmx.lo: CFLAGS=$(shell echo @CFLAGS@ | sed -e
's/-funroll-loops//g; s/$$/ -Os/')

Should i just leave it as is now?

Best Regards.
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