I'm trying to wakeup my Siemens Scaleo-T using WOL - but without
success :-(

The PC to wakeup:

- Siemens Scaleo-T AMD64 with Onboard LAN (Tulip chip)
- Linux 2.6.20 with ACPI enabled
- Gentoo amd64

The router:

- ASUS WL-500g Deluxe
- OpenWrt White Russian - With X-Wrt Extensions RC6
- WOL-Software: wol

What I've done:

- BIOS: Wakeup controlled by BIOS and WOL enabled
- Gentoo: echo -n PCI0 > /proc/acpi/wakeup ; halt
- Router: wol -h PC-IP-Addr PC-MAC-Addr

I've configured the router to start wol periodically. On the PC
wireshark is now showing incoming UDP packets to the UDP port
40000. The packet contains the ethernet frame, the IP header,
the UDP header and the magic data (6x 0xff and 16x MAC-Addr).

It seems all ok - but the PC will not be started.

What's going wrong? Should I use some ACPI sleep mode? Is this
supported by the DVB drivers? Is the Siemens PC not usable for

Thanks for help,
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