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svdrpservice is a helper plugin which makes it easy for other plugins to send
 SVDRP commands to an other VDR. Homepage: http://vdr.schmirler.de.

Most important changes in 0.0.3:

No longer using a fixed buffer size. Users of the epgsync plugin might
appreciate this when using external EPG sources with e.g. tvmovie2vdr. The
amount of data provided there was often too large for the old buffer.

The plugin has its own setup menu now. You can specify default values for the
server IP and port, so these values no longer have to be entered in each and
every plugin using svdrpservice. If a plugin requests a connection to the
special IP or the IP is missing completely (empty string), the default
value from the svdrpservice setup will be used. Likewise port number 0 will be
replaced. Note that yet it's not possible to enter port number 0 in the
plugins which use svdrpservice. Future versions will fix this.

A silent change of the service specification came along with the new setup
options: Server IP and port are now in/out parameters. After the service call
for a new connection these parameter contain the actual values for IP and
port, i.e. the svdrpservice default values are returned if they have been
used. Note that the service version has not been increased as the modification
does not break compatibility.

- Dynamic buffer size
- New setup options: default server IP and port
- Silent change of service interface: serverIP and serverPort are now in/out
- Connection handle was not reset to -1 when disconnecting a shared connection
which is still in use
- Non-blocking connect


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