another new version this week: remoteosd-0.0.2 is out. The remoteosd plugin
allows a (client) VDR to operate the menu of a remote (server) VDR. Remoteosd
requires the svdrpservice plugin, so make sure both plugins get installed on
the client. The svdrpext plugin is required on the server. All three plugins
are available on http://vdr.schmirler.de.

Most important changes in version 0.0.2:

New option "Tune server channel". When opening the remote OSD, the plugin
tries to tune the server to the same channel the client is viewing. So when
entering e.g. the remote schedules menu, the expected channel will be
highlighted. Usually this option makes sense only if you are running a
headless server. In this case I recommend to install the dummydevice plugin on
the server, too. Otherwise, in some situations the server might not be able to
switch channels as expected.

Support for MainMenuHooks patch. With this patch a plugin can replace the VDR
mainmenus "Schedule", "Channels", "Timers" or "Recordings" (read
http://www.linuxtv.org/pipermail/vdr/2007-February/012309.html for more
information). Remoteosd allow you to replace "Schedule" and/or "Timers" by the
corresponding remote menu. Note that you have to apply the patch before
compiling remoteosd, otherwise the setup options won't show up. The
MainMenuHooks patch is included in the patches directory of the remoteosd
sources. See the patch file for further information and instructions.

- New option: tune channel on server
- Support for MainMenuHooks patch. Plugin may replace the VDR mainmenus
Schedule and Timers
- Close remote menu when the local menu has been closed by menu key
- OSD message if server is not reachable
- Support for svdrpservice-0.0.3 default IP/port
- Code cleanup


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