lukkinosat wrote:
I make a message with:

cSkins::QueueMessage( mtInfo, "MyMessage", 30, -1 )

and the message is diplayed for 30 seconds.

But if I wish to remove the message before, what I
must make? Exist a function?

As soon as such a message is displayed, there's no way to abort it until either the time is up or a key got pressed, just as if Sinks.Message has been called directly. Only pending messages that haven't been displayed yet can be canceled with (mtInfo, NULL, 0, 0).

(For details: While the message is displayed, the foreground thread is stuck in a loop inside cInterface::Wait().)

If you want to remove the message at a given time, consider using a mtStatus message. These messages are displayed until they're explicitly removed again. You have to use them from the foreground thread however.



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