Stone wrote:

It seems this plugin assumes I am currently using PAL. The plugin takes the OSD-Settings from VDR as PAL-settings and calculates the corresponding NTSC-settings. But, my television does not do both PAL and NTSC, so if this plugin assumes that I currently have PAL setup properly, wouldnt it calculate improper values for NTSC? I dont understand how it can generate proper NTSC values from PAL settings that I am not using.

My TV can handle both PAL and NTSC. Nevertheless, the OSD is resized and everything is displayed correctly when playing NTSC content.

I might be way off here..., but I assume that since all TV-standard values in VDR are hardcoded to PAL, it is safe to use those values to calculate the correct OSD size for NTSC material.

Have you already given the plugin a try?


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