This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Why don't you simply grab a plain VDR 1.4.6 without any patches and try
the plugin out? It only takes 3-4 minutes to set it up and you'll see
whether or not it will work correctly.

Using the plugin was only a suggestion for the time being. I thought you
might want to use it until things might be changed in some future
version of VDR. I thought of it as an easy to use option instead of
patching the VDR every time a new version comes out. That's it...

I do appreciate the suggestion and I will take a better look at it.  I was
just trying to conceptually understand whats going on.  All I was trying to
say is that I dont think the plugin can generate valid NTSC values from
invalid PAL settings.  I'll post my results.

Best Regards.
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