I do appreciate the suggestion and I will take a better look at it.  I was
just trying to conceptually understand whats going on.  All I was trying to
say is that I dont think the plugin can generate valid NTSC values from
invalid PAL settings.  I'll post my results.

Best Regards.

Ok, I have looked at the code and here is what I had to do to make it work.
The OSDHeight value that I need to have for NTSC is 425 (what I am currently
using).  Therefore, I had to reverse the calulation in the videosystem
plugin to make that equivalent to the PAL value.

Pal.height = (425 * 576) / 480 = 510

So, after reversing the my current NTSC patch (except for the FRAMESPERSEC
part), and putting 510 into VDR's OSDHeight, the videosystem plugin
now reads the value of 510 (that is PAL) and converts it to 425 (which is
the correct value I need for NTSC).  That is what I meant when I said I
would have to convert my NTSC settings to PAL so the plugin could read them
and convert it back to NTSC (since the plugin assumes that PAL is the

Best Regards.
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