my system :
- ubuntu edgyup-to-date,
- radeon 9700 using opensource radeon driver
- vdr 1.4.3 (Eclipse pack from vdr.bluox.org) + vdr-xine 0.7.10 +
xine-lib and xine-ui found at http://home.vrweb.de/~rnissl/

When DRI is loaded and 3D acceleration is ON my X server quickly
freezes. My log (using ssh) tells me something like

buffer usage: 0% (tid=19349)
ERROR: 1 ring buffer overflow (177 bytes dropped)
Mar 21 03:30:45 sid vdr: [19350] buffer usage: 70% (tid=19349)
Mar 21 03:31:00 sid vdr: [19350] buffer usage: 80% (tid=19349)
Mar 21 03:31:01 sid vdr: [19350] buffer usage: 90% (tid=19349)
Mar 21 03:31:02 sid vdr: [19350] buffer usage: 100% (tid=19349)

When i disable 3D acceleration (non dri) everything works fine but on
HD channels (Astra, MPEG2) CPU load higher.

Is there a way to prevent this sort of vdr buffer overflow ? I would
like to keep my 3D acceleration enabled

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