You may want to try the attached patch. It determines FramesPerSec by
having a look at the first picture of the recording and falls back to
the FRAMESPERSEC macro otherwise.

The current implementation requires that the recording was taken with
cVideoRepacker enabled. Furthermore it must be MPEG2.

The file marks.vdr still uses FRAMEPERSEC for compatibility. Plugins
like dvd, burn, mp3, mplayer, etc. still use FRAMESPERSEC.

Although this patch is against VDR-1.4.6, it applies with some offset
also against VDR-1.5.1.

Thanks! Im using this patch with vdr-1.5.1 and it has fixed my problems with
the incorrect time of recordings for NTSC.  Before I had hardcoded it to 30,
but this is much more accurate.  Good job.  I think this should be
integrated into vdr along with a switch to set the default tv standard to

Best Regards.
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