I am not sure if I should post this to vdr or to v4l/dvb as I'm not sure where the problem lies.

One of our local TV stations changed their broadcast configuration as follows:
"Guard Interval will change from 1/8 to 1/16
 The FEC will change from 2/3 to 3/4"

To get this channel working again, I tried to scan a new channels.conf.

I changed the transponder file au-Darwin appropriately. Before this the scan did not see the 2 channels from this station at all, after the change it did.

However, neither vdr or tzap is able to lock onto the config output. The errors are respectively:
VDR:  frontend 0 timed out while tuning to channel 17, tp 557
TZAP: ERROR: error while parsing inversion (syntax error)

The dvbscan I used is from csv in 19/12/2005, all other channels work fine with the channels config output. I got the latest DVBAPPS and found that dvbscan no longer exists, but "scan" seems to replace it. However, scan produces a different output again, and vdr will not tune to any channel from the resulting output.

I have a friend in Darwin who changed his au-Darwin transponder file in the same way and scanned and got workable outputs for him. But his channels.conf entry for this particular channel doesn't work for me either.

In the past I have noticed that both he and I have different channels.conf formats but they have both worked find so I never worried about it. He and I were both on VDR 1.4.X also.

Sorry if I am wandering here, I have tried so many things that I don't know exactly where the problem lies.

In summary:
-the latest scan utility generates output my vdr cannot read (1.4.1 or 1.5.1) -the older dvbscan utility generates output that works for all channels but one -my friend does the same thing and gets channel configs that work for him on all channels, but not for me.

My config is:
vdr 1.5.1
Compro DVB300-T tuner (SAA7134)
v4l/dvb from csv (I think) from 14/6/2006

My latest scan output is:
ABC HDTV;ABC:543625:I999B7C34D999M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:2314+2309:0;2315:2316:0:640:0:0:0 ABC TV Darwin;ABC:543625:I999B7C34D999M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:512+128:650=eng;660=eng:576:0:641:0:0:0
ABC TV;ABC:543625:I999B7C34D999M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:512+128:650=eng:576:0:643:0:0:0 ABC DiG Radio;ABC:543625:I999B7C34D999M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:0:2317=eng:0:0:646:0:0:0 ABC DiG Jazz;ABC:543625:I999B7C34D999M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:0:2318=eng:0:0:647:0:0:0 Nine Darwin SD;NINE NETWORK:550500:I999C34D34M64B7T8G8Y0:T:27500:512+128:650=eng;651=eng:578:0:1793:12921:0:0 Nine Darwin HD;NINE NETWORK:550500:I999B7C34D34M64T8G16Y0:T:27500:514+130:0;671:578:0:1794:12921:0:0 SBS HD;SBS:536625:I999B7C23D23M64T8G8Y0:T:27500:102:103=eng:41:0:864:12802:0:0 SBS DIGITAL 1;SBS:536625:I999B7C23D23M64T8G8Y0:T:27500:161:81=eng:41:0:865:12802:0:0 SBS DIGITAL 2;SBS:536625:I999B7C23D23M64T8G8Y0:T:27500:162:83:0:0:866:12802:0:0 SBS DIGITAL;SBS:536625:I999B7C23D23M64T8G8Y0:T:27500:161:81=eng:41:0:867:12802:0:0
SBS RADIO 1;SBS:536625:I999B7C23D23M64T8G8Y0:T:27500:0:201:0:0:878:12802:0:0
SBS RADIO 2;SBS:536625:I999B7C23D23M64T8G8Y0:T:27500:0:202:0:0:879:12802:0:0
SCTV Darwin;SCTV:557625000:I999C23D23M64B7T8G8Y0:T:27500:609:610=eng:611:0:2305:12954:0:0 SCTV HD - Darwin;Southern Cross Television:557625:I999B7C23D23M64T8G8Y0:T:27500:3311:0;3312:611:0:2337:12954:0:0

The last 2 entries (SCTV*) are the ones that do not work.

They differ from the rest in the order of the parameters (i.e all the others are IxBx whereas the onex that donw's work have the B* much later). I have tried to manipulate these manually to match the others with no success. Also interestingly the guard interval is scanned as 8 instead of the 16 it should be.

Any ideas are welcome.  I am at a complete loss.

I have very old card drivers, could this make a difference (I tried new ones but couldn't get them compiled).

Thanks in Advance

Anthony Kelly

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