Udo Richter wrote:
This has been in my mind for over two years, and now I just wanted to see it working: Using hard file system links to speed up editing whenever a 00x.vdr file is copied from source to destination recording without modification.

This has crossed my mind several times as well, thanks for implementing it!

Future plans

To solve the file size vs. recording size conflict, dynamic file sizes could be implemented, so that a recording starts with small file sizes, and increases the file size at some point to ensure enough space for huge recordings before 255.vdr is reached. For example, using 32Mb up to 192.vdr and 2000mb from 193.vdr on will give a total of 128 Gb or 84 hours, while using small files for up to 4 hours.

Why not just change the naming of video files to four, five or even eight digits?


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