On 6 Mar 2007, at 11:44, Torgeir Veimo wrote:

I'm using a lirc setup with inputlircd daemon with a hauppauge remote on a dvb card. Everything works with the remote plugins using /dev/input/eventX, but I'm trying to share the remote with several applications.

For some reason when trying to learn keys with LIRC, when I'm running the inputlircd daemon, VDR refuses to react to them. I can see the keys being interpreted properly with irw. Does anyone know why this can be?

The keycodes that vdr doesn't recognize (as output by irw) are:

2 0 KEY_1 event1
3 0 KEY_2 event1
4 0 KEY_3 event1
5 0 KEY_4 event1
6 0 KEY_5 event1
6 0 KEY_5 event1
7 0 KEY_6 event1
8 0 KEY_7 event1
9 0 KEY_8 event1
a 0 KEY_9 event1
a 0 KEY_9 event1
b 0 KEY_0 event1
8b 0 KEY_MENU event1
ae 0 KEY_EXIT event1
18e 0 KEY_RED event1
71 0 KEY_MUTE event1
cf 0 KEY_PLAY event1
80 0 KEY_STOP event1

Any idea? Is there any mask of some sort in VDR that prevents certain keycodes to be recognized?

(I'm using inputlircd daemon).

Torgeir Veimo

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