Martin Wache wrote:

> I agree that it is cleaner to have an index file which points to
> complete frames, but I never experienced any problems without repacking.

So it seems to me that only xine's libmpeg2 has the problem to drop
incomplete frames. This was annoying when moving cutting marks and I
first solved this issue by patching GetNextIFrame() to deliver the
missing tail too. But Klaus didn't like this hack and asked for a
cleaner approach. The solution sounds quite simple: just start a new PES
packet for each video frame and everything is fine. But the actual
solution is quite complex: cVideoRepacker.

> I switched the repacking off in my vdr... I don't think that it is necessary.

Maybe you are right. The benefit of avoiding memcpys when repacking is
done already during the TS to PES transformation is void as long as one
cannot rely on getting repacked packets all the time.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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