I uploaded the fourth version of the SpAn-plugin.
It can be found at http://lcr.vdr-developer.org/


2007-03-19: Version 0.0.4
- Changed the way PCM16-providers interact with SpAn (all providers must adapt the changes) - thx to Stefan Huelswitt for the suggestions and support.
Only really visualized data is now being processed by the FFT, resulting
in the positive side-effect that the CPU load of SpAn is slightly decreased.
As to that change the define SPAN_SET_PCM_DATA_ID has now changed either to "Span-SetPcmData-v1.1"
- Updated the patches for mp3, cdda, graphlcd.
- Thanks to Morone there is no patch needed for his latest music-plugin =
"The Amazing Plugin Formerly Known As Mp3ng" (TAPFKAM).

Christian Leuschen

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