Udo Richter wrote:
> e9hack wrote:
>> I've selected some plugins for loading. It exist ca. 100 plugins in
>> the vdr lib directory. Does vdr load only the selected plugins or all
>> plugins?
> There is no common way how the plugins get selected for loading. VDR
> itself does not load plugins unless instructed. (except for --version
> and --help)
> Plugins get loaded by the -P or --plugin command line option, by
> modifying the runvdr script that is part of the VDR sources, or by
> distribution dependent load mechanisms in case you're using pre-built
> packages.
It seems, it is a problem of the runvdr script from suse. The script
prepares a list of installed and missing plugins from a list of selected
plugins. The script does some bogus things, if it exist an plugin with
wrong import entries.

- Hartmut

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