On 26.3.2007 15:52, "Torgeir Veimo" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On 26 Mar 2007, at 06:57, Tero Siironen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 2007/3/26, Torgeir Veimo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>>> I'm trying both VDR on Mac approaches, Tero Siironens approach
>>> ends on
>>> g++ -g -O2 -Wall -Woverloaded-virtual -c -DREMOTE_KBD -DLIRC_DEVICE=
>>> \"/dev/lircd\" -DRCU_DEVICE=\"/dev/ttyS1\" -D_GNU_SOURCE -DVIDEODIR=
>>> \"/video\" -DPLUGINDIR=\"./PLUGINS/lib\" -I/sw/include dvbdevice.c
>>> /sw/include/linux/dvb/video.h:118: error: '__s32' does not name a
>>> type
>>> /sw/include/linux/dvb/video.h:161: error: expected ';' before '*'
>>> token
>>> /sw/include/linux/dvb/video.h:194: error: expected ';' before '*'
>>> token
>>> dvbdevice.c: In member function 'virtual void
>>> cDvbDevice::StillPicture
>>> (const uchar*, int)':
>>> dvbdevice.c:1154: error: too many initializers for
>>> 'video_still_picture'
>>> dvbdevice.c:1154: error: invalid conversion from 'char*' to 'int32_t'
>>> dvbdevice.c:1160: error: too many initializers for
>>> 'video_still_picture'
>>> dvbdevice.c:1160: error: invalid conversion from 'char*' to 'int32_t'
>>> make: *** [dvbdevice.o] Error 1
>>> - when making in the VDR directory. I had to make a symlink from
>>> videodev_mac.h to videodev_darwin.h, since I don't have the latter
>>> (was the dvb-includes-patch.diff patch supposed to create it?), and
>>> also create an empty /sw/include/linux/compiler.h file.
>> Yes, my mistake, it should be videodev_darwin.h instead of
>> videodev_mac.h. I updated the dvb-patch. However I think that I don't
>> have compiler.h file located there, so there is some differences in
>> the environment maybe.
> Ok, my /sw/include/linux/compiler.h looks like
> typedef __signed__ int __s32;
> #define __user
> So now I've managed to compile vdr (had to sort out some lib paths
> manually). I'll have a look at streamdev and softdevice later tonight.

I think that you might have different version of dvb-driver package or
someting like that, because there's no such type (__s32) on my environment.

I updated the patches to work on latest versions and corrected also
dependency to libjpeg, so that it doesn't need to be symlinked anymore.
Detailed instructions are now also available.



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