I have an analog card tv Prolink PlayTV USB 2.0 working with em28xx driver, and I would like to have time shifiting and pvr features. I am very interested to use VDR, but I have some challengers to use it.

This card doesn't have enconder mpeg2 by hardware and the signal is analog. I found the vdr-analogTV[1] plugin but it works only with a few cards and with mpeg2 encoder by hardware.

Does someone has a similar case of mine?
What is the complexity to put it to work with a card without a hardware mpge2 encoder?
Or would be easier to me to look for another product as freevo or mythtv?

[1] vdr-analogTV - http://www.ko0l.de/download/vdr/analogtv/index.html

Marcos Iuato

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