> > Does this mean there's an MPEG2-encoder onboard as well?  How do I use
> > this?  With v4l2/ivtv and pvrinput?
> Yes it's a full featured card(lacking in some areas like rf-out though)
> with hw mpeg2 encoding. I'm also considering buying this card and
> any comments or experiences from users of this card are more than
> helpfull. Especially on picture quality of the composite-out and
> possibly rgb-out if someone's hacked it(alot harder than 2.1 cards
> I hear).

Sorry to be pedantic, but just to be clear.

You're saying in addition to it having an MPEG2 decoder, it also has an
MPEG2 ENcoder for the composite video?

I've had one comment that the front-end inteface the card has is unsupported
by a lot of software.  I gather this means under Windows??  Surely VDR
bypasses all this??

Re: the RGB - There's no J2 connector on the card and I doubt it's as easy
as soldering one in (otherwide dvbshop would have done that!!)



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