On Monday 23 April 2007 21:37, Udo Richter wrote:
> Sven Schwyn wrote:
> > However, I've seen that some people had issues a few years ago with
> > ReiserFS (which I'm using, too). Now, I'm wondering if anybody using
> > ReiserFS had system freezes as well.
> I had issues, and I'm still using Reiser3 for my video storage.
> On slow platforms, with a stressed out file system, Reiser may be
> CPU-limited on throughput. But you have to run VDR for a long time with
> disk almost full, and with lots of recordings coming and going to get
> that level of fragmentation. And I'm not convinced that other file
> systems would do better in these situations.
> Beside that, Reiser3 works fine for me. No total freezes I know of.

Maybe you should mount reiserfs with the "notail" option for video-partitions, 
which should kill most of the overhead. I run reiserfs with vdr since 10 
years or so, no problems at all even when running in 100% used diskspace 

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