Guido Fiala wrote:
> On Tuesday 24 April 2007 19:46, Luca Olivetti wrote:
>> En/na Patrick Cernko ha escrit:
>>> I'm using SGI's XFS for any kind of data filesystem and only use ext3
>>> for / . So far, no problems at all.
>> I also use XFS exclusively, but I have the "random zeroed files" when
>> the system crashes/power goes off unexpectedly.

Oh sorry, I missed that. But something like that must be expected on
every system on crashed at least if you do not mount the FS "in sync"
(like sugested for a totally safe qmail mailserver :-) ).

> I always thought exactly this should be avoided by a journalling FS?
> A pity that Tux2 never made it (because the author thought of patent 
> issues) ... or is there similar technology available now, so many years 
> after?

The journal normally only protects the filesystem metadata so that the
OS can still "recognize" the the block-dev as a filesystem. Some
filesystems also allow "data journaling" but at a cost of writing the
data twice to the disc(s).

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