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Torgeir Veimo wrote:

On 24 Apr 2007, at 22:54, Rob Davis wrote:

Sorry to bring to life an old thread, but does anyone have a working
copy of vdr-sxfe for osx? Pref PPC, but intel would work too.. Maybe a
list of dependencies too?

My VDR server is a headless box, but I want to use the Mac with OsX
instead of Gentoo to watch VDR...

Get the vdr on mac patches posted to the list earlier. You want to have fink installed to get ffmpeg etc. The patches for softdevice are already in CVS, with instructions and dependencies. They should be fairly up to
date, but just ask questions here when you're stuck.. You have to use
the shm softdevice client, since there are threading issues with using
softdevice directly with quartz output.

I'm not sure that'll work for me as the DVB device is on another
machine.  I want to run just a display viewer over the network.

Forgot to say, also download and install streamdev, with the necessary streamdev patches. Then copy over the channels.conf file from the server machine (running with streamdev-server) to the client machine, and use streamdev-client. I've tested it and it works. The VDR on mac instructions has links to streamdev patches for the mac.

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