Hi All,

I'm planning on building a PVR device based on Linux and an el-cheapo
TV-tuner card (no MPEG encoder). I looked at both MythTV and vdr and
personally liked vdr better for the way the plugins are overlayed over
the stream.

Anyway, I read up a lot of documentation on th vdr wiki and had a look
at the various plugins which are available for el-cheapo TV-tuners in
vdr. I think I'll mostly be going with a bt878 chipset card as that is
the one most widely available in my local markets (India).

Just wanted to check up if I have everything covered before I go ahead
and make the purchase.

Correct me if I'm wrong here,
I'll most probably be using the analogtv plugin for the bt878 card. As
the card will not have a MPEG encoder, I'll need to do the MPEG
encoding using software components like mplayer or ffmpeg and feed it
as input to vdr.

The cards which I'm looking at are the PixelView playTV series[1] and
the Pinnacle PCTV series[2]. I could'nt find any vdr based howtos for
these cards so really not sure if my plan is foolproof.

Please let me know if what I've planned will work well with vdr and
the analogtv plugin ? I'm more interested in the OSD based plugins and
development of the same. With a el-cheapo TV-tuner card and the
analogtv plugin this should still be possible right ?

[1] http://www.prolink-usa.com/english/product.html

blog @ http://www.toufeeq.net

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