Simon Baxter wrote:
> Hi
> I have a couple of boxes running VDR on a network.  I've ended up in this
> situation because of a lack of PCI slots for capture cards, and a
> PVR-500/Via chipset incompatability.
> I can use the remote menu plugin to set timers in the 2nd box from the 1st
> one, which is great.
> I run vdradmin, and epgsearch to create auto-timers based on epg, which is
> also great!
> What I would like to do is automatically resolve timer conflicts, and push
> the timer event to the 2nd box.
> Any thoughts??

Master-Timer supports multiple VDR machines.
(Personally i have 3 VDR machines)

But the Master-Timer philosophy differs from what you describe above, so it may 
not be what you look for.

Bis denn

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