I've just added a DVB-C card into my machine (had been using pvr's for a
while) and am getting a compile error:

/usr/src/development/v4l-dvb/linux/include/linux/dvb/osd.h:107: error:
variable or field '__user' declared void
/usr/src/development/v4l-dvb/linux/include/linux/dvb/osd.h:107: error:
expected ';' before '*' token
dvbosd.c: In member function 'void cDvbOsd::Cmd(OSD_Command, int, int, int,
int, int, const void*)':
dvbosd.c:104: error: 'struct osd_cmd_t' has no member named 'data'
make: *** [dvbosd.o] Error 1

The v4l-dvb sources are fresh from hg.

any ideas?

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