On 03/19/07 22:35, Christian Wieninger wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed a problem with the recording directory of the following timer
> 9:S19.2E-1-1092-10100:M------:2000:2200:50:99:Musik~DELUXE:
> ...
> as you can see the timers recording directory changes from empty ('_' )
> to 'Den_Song_für_Ihr_Privatarchiv_kaufen_Si' when the recording is
> resumed on device 2, resulting in 2 single recordings.
> Background: the timer is responsible for a recording on DeluxeMusic.
> DeluxeMusic delivers their EPG for the current and the next track. So
> its permanently changing. When the recording is finished it will be
> processed with the deluxe-plugin to extract mp3's. But this only works
> with one consistent recording.
> The reason for VDRs behaviour is probably that at the beginning of the
> recording there's no EPG at all, while after the resume there is one.
> Any ideas how to avoid the two recordings?

The only quick solution I can think of is to turn off "Use episode name"
in "Setup/Recording".


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