Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
On 04/21/07 16:26, Anssi Hannula wrote:
Udo Richter wrote:
Anssi Hannula wrote:
However, the usual "use-already-tuned-devices" check in GetDevice() only
checks for device->Receiving(), which does not report transfer-moded
device, resulting in the new receiver being started on second device,
thus both devices being reserved for receiving data from the same
Without taking a deeper look into it right now, I think there was some
trap with detecting transfer mode in case that some streams are received
additionally to live mode, for example teletext with osdteletext plugin.
You may want to double-check this. Changes to GetDevice tend to have
strange side effects.
I proposed this same patch previously, but it was suggested to instead
of the check for transfer mode to just change the Receiving() to
Receiving(true). I didn't see any caveats back then, so I agreed.
Unfortunately, that resulted in problems with situations that you describe.

However, this original version of the patch does explicitely check for a
device in transfer-mode, and does not care about osdteletext receivers.

What could happen is that this would match the transfer modes whose
receiverdevice() is the primary device itself (some situations related
to the ca or ac3, I guess), thus starting the new receiver in the
primary device, which could cause side-effects if the card's bandwidth
is not wide enough. However, even without this patch, when a recording
is already taking place on the primary device, this rule matches and
another recording could be started on the primary device. I don't know
if we should be preventing these from happening, but if we do, I think
we could make the rule as
imp |= !device[i]->Receiving() && (device[i] !=
cTransferControl::ReceiverDevice() || device[i]->IsPrimaryDevice()) ||
ndr // prevents matching local-transfer-moded primary-device
imp |= !device[i]->Receiving() && device[i] !=
cTransferControl::ReceiverDevice() || device[i]->IsPrimaryDevice() ||
ndr // addidtionally prevents matching recording primary-devices

I'm not sure about changing anything in that area in any 1.4 maintenance patch.

If this gets changed at all, it will be in the 1.5 developer version.
So please provide a patch for that version, possibly including all the
thoughts that have come up in this thread.

Attached is a patch against 1.5.2. I changed it so that primary devices in local transfer mode are not considered for re-using (I don't know the best behaviour here, just trying to minimize the effects of the patch).

I.e. this patch now affects only non-primary devices:
- 2 non-primary devices, one used in transfer mode on transponder A, second free
- a new recording / streamdev session starts on transponder A
* Before:
The new recording starts on the free device.
* After:
The new recording starts on the already-tuned device.

Anssi Hannula
diff -Nurp -x '*~' vdr-1.5.2/device.c vdr-1.5.2-f/device.c
--- vdr-1.5.2/device.c	2007-01-13 14:05:00.000000000 +0200
+++ vdr-1.5.2-f/device.c	2007-04-29 17:47:18.000000000 +0300
@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@ cDevice *cDevice::GetDevice(const cChann
              // difference, because it results in the most significant bit of the result.
              uint32_t imp = 0;
              imp <<= 1; imp |= LiveView ? !device[i]->IsPrimaryDevice() || ndr : 0;                                  // prefer the primary device for live viewing if we don't need to detach existing receivers
-             imp <<= 1; imp |= !device[i]->Receiving() || ndr;                                                       // use receiving devices if we don't need to detach existing receivers
+             imp <<= 1; imp |= !device[i]->Receiving() && (device[i] != cTransferControl::ReceiverDevice() || device[i]->IsPrimaryDevice()) || ndr; // use receiving devices if we don't need to detach existing receivers, but avoid primary device in local transfer mode
              imp <<= 1; imp |= device[i]->Receiving();                                                               // avoid devices that are receiving
              imp <<= 1; imp |= device[i] == cTransferControl::ReceiverDevice();                                      // avoid the Transfer Mode receiver device
              imp <<= 8; imp |= min(max(device[i]->Priority() + MAXPRIORITY, 0), 0xFF);                               // use the device with the lowest priority (+MAXPRIORITY to assure that values -99..99 can be used)
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