Hi all,

I'm using vdr with the analogtv and xine plugins to receive input from
a VCR and trying to display it on my PC. The installation of the
software and the plugins went well and vdr also seems to be working
with y TV-tuner card. However when I use xine(with the vdr plugin) to
try and connect to the vdr stream it says that there is 'NO SIGNAL'.

I've tried different settings in my channels.conf but nothing seems to
get me the output on xine. So, I'm guessing the problem is with the
way I've configured my analogtv plugin and my channels.conf entry.

Here is what my channels.conf reads like :

591250 : The frequency at which the VCR is displaying the "channel".
C0 : /dev/video0 which is my TV-tuner card
D0 : television
Source : As per README , I've this fixed as 'C'
Srate : Again as per README , this is '0'
VPID : Picked this up from the VDR wiki which says it should be 160 for analogtv
APID : Picked this up from the VDR wiki which says it should be 160 for analogtv
TPID : Picked from README which shows it to be '0'
CA : From wiki, I've fixed this as 'A0'
SID : '65003' from the readme
NID , TID, RID : All '0'

I think the problem is with the SID which I've set as 65003, Since the
input here is television I don't know what should be the value of SID
as there is none corresponding to TV in the ChannelMap.h file. Please
tell me what is a good value for SID for normal TV.

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