I've been posting a lot of messages lately about problems I'm having
getting my TechnoTrend Budget 1500/CI (dvb-c) and Irdeto CAM working, on
both this and the linux-dvb lists.

As I've not had very many responses, I can only assume there's few people
using this combination, and I probably need to look at addressing the
problem myself.

To summarise my problem:  The DVB card registers properly, and I can scan
channels etc fine.  All the channels available to me are scrambled.  The
CAM seems to register properly also, but I can't access the CAM menu or
decrypt anything.

-VDR flip-flops the CAM between ready/present
-kernel messages "dvb_ca adapter 0: DVB CAM detected and initialised
successfully" repeat over and over
-'gnutv -cammenu' reports "en50221_tl_poll: CAWrite failed" and
"en50221_stdcam_llci_poll: Error reported by stack:-2"
-the card and CAM work fine in a Dreambox and under (Windows) GBPVR

My question is, can anyone suggest any other tools which test CAMs?

Also, I don't really understand how the CAM is accessed - can anyone point
me in the right direction?



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