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> The stable version of vdr (1.4.6.something at the time being afaik)
> get's "older" all the time and only the most vital parts
> from the devel-branch get backported.

Well, that's what a "stable" version is by definition ;-)
It gets actual bugs fixed (see the latest 1.4.6-1
maintenance patch), but other than that there are no more
big changes. The new stuff goes into the 1.5 developer version
and will ultimately result in a stable version 1.6 one day.

> Now that is not a
> problem on it's own, stability is good, but if the 1.5 devel
> branch gets new features constantly with no feature freeze in
> site...hopefully people understand where I'm going with this.

We're not on any kind of schedule here. Remember that VDR is
being developed (at least on my end) in spare time. The stable
version 1.4 is well fit for every day operation (I really use
it a *lot* - watching tv without it would be totally unthinkable
to me ;-), and I'm gradually implementing new things in the
1.5 developer version. Right now I'm busy with the UTF-8 stuff.
I admit that there have been (sometimes long) periods of time
where there hasn't been anything new from my side, but that's
because I do have a live besides VDR (well, at least a little...).

> I'll once again remind everyone reading this that I don't
> have all the facts concerning this project at hand and there
> might very well be a roadmap which is strictly followed, and
> if this is the case all is good and you can ignore this
> message =)

As I've stated on several occasions: I don't like official
roadmaps. They tend to become sort of binding, and if - for
some reason - a new release actually doesn't contain a feature
that was promised on the roadmap, all sorts of complaints
might emerge. I do observe the mailing list and all the suggestions
and patches posted here or sent to me in private emails, but
I like to be free to actually implement whatever I see fit at
my own pace.

Hope that's ok with you ;-)


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