I'll chime in...  I've emailed Klaus on many occasions with what I
thought were potential bugs, new feature requests, or just general
inquiry.  He's always replied (although sometimes not so quickly ;),
and what I've come to realize...  or maybe remember is a better word
to use here..  What I've come to remember is that vdr is a great piece
of software with a lot of author & community support.  It's not
important that the public be aware of the TODO list or any related
time tables for the reasons Klaus has already mentioned.

I can say I have no concern about the development of vdr unless Klaus
and the others tells us theres reason for it.  I'm perfectly content
hearing "1.6 will be out when it's ready" as long as I know it's under
active development.

Also, stable versions are meant to be just that... Stable.  And it
takes time to make sure the stability is consistent, especially when
there are many new features that have been added.

My final advice to you is, ...there's nothing to be worried about
right now so don't bother yourself with it!  :)


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