> Hey Simon,my answer sounds maybe stupid, but I always have all output to
> 720x576. I use vdr-xine, xine is set to "no scale". So for example: we
> have shows on RTL or arte in 16:9 amorph which means, that we have 16:9
> but with 720x576 pixels. My Sony 16:9 TV takes then the PAL and shows it
> in "wide".
> Regards,Martin

I too use vdr-xine and am playing through a Sony LCD 32".

My recordings were made with pvrinput on NTSC, when I was in the States,
with the vdr-pvrinput set to 4:3.  I'm now back in PAL land and play 16:9
and 4:3 content fine.

My only issue is with old 4:3 NTSC content I recorded in the US.  It's
only the old 4:3/NTSC recordings that are played back with verticle bars
up the sides.

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