VDR User wrote:
 > I can say I have no concern about the development of vdr unless Klaus
and the others tells us theres reason for it.  I'm perfectly content
hearing "1.6 will be out when it's ready" as long as I know it's under
active development.

I have been a VDR user for nearly 5 years now, but really only a user, not a developer, and was not able to contribute much to the community. Since then I have been following mostly the vdr and dvb mailing lists, but sometimes also the vdrportal.

During the development of version 1.3 I have been often a little frustrated not to have seen a final version 1.4. There were a lot of reasons that IMHO the usage of version 1.2 was quite outdated: No automatic channel scan, updated Dolby Digital output, modified recording format and finally plug-ins that only worked with the 1.3 branch.

I expect the same for vdr 1.5 concerning e.g. multiprotocol drivers, or to be more precise: Usage of DVB-S2. As soon as multiprotocol drivers and DVB-S2 are working, I think there will be once again no way back to the stable version, even if the final 1.6 might make us wait until 2009/2010. Nevertheless, it was good to see that bigger bugs in 1.3 have been reported a few days later so that I was always informed wether it was "secure" to install the latest development branch.

I hope there is much going on behind the scenes between kls and the developers. Several year ago, the main discussion was here on this list, and you could see that there was a lot going on. Now, I would have to follow vdrportal.de daily to get the latest informations which also is not easy for me (and maybe kls) are indeed a lot of other things to do in real life.

Finally, vdr is great, donĀ“t know how I could live without it - remember VHS without timeshifting, EPG etc. :)

With kind regards

Joerg Knitter

P.S.: Great to see the UTF-8 support. I can remember some posts where kls said that he did not like it and thus did not want to implement it :)

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