As you yourself said in the above/below statement, time is a limited
resource for this project and you can't spend all day developing
vdr (and you have a life besides vdr =). The way I see it, is a clear
roadmap could make the development more effective and avoid waste of time doing wrong things.

Just assume that Klaus has his personal roadmap he follows. There hasn't been much in 1.5 development yet, so its safe to assume that there's no stable 1.6 anywhere in sight anyway. Many feature requests from the 1.3 cycle are still postponed, and things will take some time. And since most of the code is still written by Klaus, there's no need for a strict public roadmap to coordinate development. VDR development is slow simply because There Can Be Only One Klaus. ;)

VDR development would speed up, if Klaus would delegate more work to other talented coders, and doing more review instead of coding most of it himself. But giving up control on one's favorite hobby project is hard, I know that. Even if it's just a few lines, their not 'your' lines any more.

There are may active VDR coders, but most of them just write patches for their own needs, not for general VDR enhancement. That way, many good ideas get lost over time. But writing a patch is easy, contributing to a project requires a lot more. It requires hard decisions about what and how to implement things, and a long evolution until all (means, Klaus) are satisfied with the results.

Maybe, with some bravery of both sides, VDR itself could turn more into a team project just like the whole VDR community is.

(Just my 2c, not demanding anything here.)



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