Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> If this "auto sized ringbuffers" change (which, from what I can
> see so far - haven't tried it myself - looks like a good idea)
> is ever to make its way into the official VDR source, you'll need
> to get rid of the above waiting. It says in receiver.h:
>   ...the call must return as soon as possible, without any unnecessary delay.
> Maybe I should change this to
>   ...the call  must return immediately.

or "must not sleep".

I did mention in the patch description, which you snipped, that this was just
a debugging tool. IOW that change can be dropped entirely, the condition that
makes it sleep has never triggered since I made the buffers grow faster anyway.

I'd be great if somebody with a FF card could test the patch, the code has
worked flawlessly on my vdr server, not a single overflow since v2.
However on the streamdev/softdevice client I had two transfer buffer overflows
(153 bytes each) just after switching to a new channel, while both machines
were under significant (io) load, cutting aot. I don't think this is reason
enough to  introduce a minsize rb parameter, but if it also happens w/ a simple
FF setup, that would be an option. I don't want to raise the default minimum,
because 128k is often enough and i'd like to avoid shrinking, to keep things
The patch is for 1.4.6, but applies also, with a few harmless offsets, to 1.5.2.


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