There are couple of annoying problems in vdr (v1.4.4 at least but most
likely also in never ones):

1) If there is data stream problems in a channel VDR initiates emergency
exit. This can be a temporary situation and gets fixed in few seconds to

To solve this: change to other channel and infor user via OSD ("Channel
not available" or something similar)

2) If there is no data comming from the channel (e.g. new decrypting
card that needs to be updated first before it is ready to be used or for
some reason the key is not available) VDR initiates emergency exit.
Unnecessary action and user can do shutdown action if this is really a

To solve this: do not initiate emergency exit but show message in OSD
("Channel not available").

Basically every unnecessary exit should be avoided because it does not
provide any advantage to the user - just the opposite. Problems should
be informed to the user and let user decide what to do in case of long
lasting problem such as missing data stream.

Minor feature that would be nice:

3) If there is a problem like crash with VDR and a timed recording did
not get recorded VDR simply deletes the timer without notifying user. Of
course the timer as such is useless but it would be nice to see that
this and this recording was not done at all, was not started in time or
was not recorded fully. This way the program can be re-recorded if/when
it is broadcasted again.

And if this information can be asked from VDR then epgsearch or other
plugins can try to find missed programs again automatically.

Br, Pasi

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