Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
On 05/18/07 01:24, Petri Helin wrote:
So now there is additional entries telling that the channel is not
available ("Kanava ei ole käytettävissä!"). But what is that strange
entry about VPS recording staring ("VPS-tallennus on alkamassa!")? I
didn't create a VPS timer...

The "Upcoming VPS recording!" message is probably actually wrong, since
your timer doesn't use VPS. Originally switching to the transponder early
was only done for VPS recordings, but beginning with version 1.4.0-3 this
is also done for non-VPS timers, so that the EPG data is up-to-date when
the timer actually starts. I'll change the message accordingly, so in your
case it should just say "Upcoming recording".

As for the actual problem: I assume you're using a heavily patched version
of VDR. Can you try to recreate the situation with an unpatched VDR?
And please switch the OSD language to English while doing so, so that I can
understand the log messages ;-)

Sorry about the OSD language, should have known better...

Anyways, I am fairly confident that the problem is not with VDR per se, but with the decryption failing (there seems to be something wrong with my smartcard or my subscription). But an improvement I'd like to see in VDR would be some sort of loud and clear alert about "Unable to start recording xxx" or something like that to the OSD so that the user could try to fix the problem manually. And maybe an option to do something in case a recording cannot be started because VDR cannot tune to the channel.


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